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The links below contain interesting content.

  • Mathematical Methods for Economic Theory
    This is a tutorial describing mathematical techniques used in economics. Suitable for undergraduate classes.
    Author - Martin Osborne
  • Game Theory
    A collection of links and information about game theory intended for instructors.
    Author - Ariel Rubinstein
  • Topics in the Theory of Fixed Points
    A pdf file which is supposed to eventually become a monograph on fixed points.
    Author - Andy McLennan
  • A Collection of Latex Styles
    Latex styles, including a set of macros for drawing extensive form game trees. Works very nicely.
    Author - Martin Osborne
  • Principles Text on line
    An open source textbook for a Principles Course in Economics. Fairly advanced.
    Author - Preston McAfee
  • Bargaining and Markets online
    Bargaining and markets by Martin J. Osborne and Ariel Rubinstein was published in 1990 by Academic Press, now a division of Elsevier. It presents the modern strategic theory of bargaining and describes, in a consistent framework, several applications of this theory to the study of markets. It uses a small number of models to illustrate the key points in the theories and offers detailed proofs of all results. With permission from Elsevier, the full text of the book (with errors corrected and references updated) is available: full text of book (in pdf format, with hyperlinked cross-references) (1.5 MB).
    Author - Martin Osborne and Ariel Rubinstein
  • Economics and Language
    Online text of Ariel Rubinstein's book Economics and Language.
    Author - Ariel Rubinstein
  • Second Year Micro Text
    A text designed for a one term course in honours microeconomics.
    Author - Michael Peters