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The UBC summer workshop in economic theory is sponsored by the Dean of Arts and TARGET. The 2006 version of the workshop is being jointly organized by Arthur Robson and Michael Peters. The conference runs from Aug 7-11 at the Department of Economics at UBC. There are two talks a day at 10:30 and 4PM. A partial list of participants this year with their office locations:
  • Ken Binmore, UCL, BUTO 926, 604-822-5360 (Shinichi Sakata's Office)
  • Alvaro Sandroni, Northwestern, BUTO 903
  • Tom Wiseman, UT Austin, BUTO 1007
  • Luis Rayo, Chicago, BUTO 906
  • Larry Samuelson, Wisconsin, BUTO 1027, 822-5915 (Mick Devereux's Office)
  • Balazs Szentes, Chicago, BUTO 909, 822-4724 (Nathan Nunn's Office)
  • Arthur Robson, SFU, BUTO 1010
  • Ken Hendricks, UT Austin, BUTO 1008
  • Pascal Courty, IUE,
  • Ralph Winter, UBC, Henry Angus 265
  • Yoram Halevy, UBC, BUTO 1025
  • Okan Yilankaya, UBC,BUTO 1028
  • Art Shneyerov, UBC, BUTO 922
  • Peter Norman, UBC, BUTO 909
  • Gorkem Celik, UBC, BUTO 1028
  • Michael Peters, UBC, BUTO 1018
Phone numbers for locals can be found at ubc economics. The other numbers I just don't know. Here is the program for the workshop (rooms may change).
For more information contact .

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