Here is a preliminary program for the summer workshop
  1. Monday August 2
  2. Tuesday August 3
  3. Wednesday August 4
  4. Thursday August 5
  5. Friday August 6
We should be able to provide at least shared office accomodation during the week in the department with internet. Accomodation at UBC is limited. The campus is quite a long way from the area where all the hotels are. The fully private on campus apartments are already booked at this time. My suggestion is to stay at Gage Towers. You can book online at Though this is probably more basic accomodation than you are used to, under the right circumstances, it can be very nice (good views etc). It is a convenient walk to everything on campus, there are good food services at the student center across the road (actually there is quite a lot to do and see on the campus itself). Titles forthcoming eventually. In the meantime, if you have questions contact .