Microeconomics in Canada

The Canadian Economic Theory conference for 2021 has been completed. The list of talks is available at the link on the left.

The conference for 2022 is (tentatively) to be held in Montreal.

The current online program is the Calgary/SFU/UBC theory workshop. The list of seminars is listed below. If you want to see the seminars you can join them in real time on twitch tv. Twitch tv also keeps recordings of the seminars for two weeks if you want to see them later. If you want weekly notifications and notifications on the day of the seminar, join the cetc mailing list https://microeconomics.ca/mailman/listinfo/cetc_seminars.

Upcoming Events

  • Calgary/SFU/UBC Theory Workshop - Friday, 10 December 2021, 10:00-11:00 AM PST
    Colin Stewart, Toronto
    Consumer Surplus in the Dark
    with Pavel Kocourek, Jakub Steiner
    Public Url: https://twitch.tv/cetc_seminars